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shofiq uddin khan

I complete my BBA from PSTU.
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Purpose and Types of Health Insurance. Group Health Plans, Individual Plans, Government Health Plans, Workers Compensation. Health Care Regulations.

To cope with the potentially high costs of medical care, insurance policies provide some financial protection. This report has attempted to discuss the vital scenario in healthcare and health insurance market in the world and also Bangladesh. A brief about global insurance industry in, Bangladesh insurance industry and health insurance industry overview are discussed. Growth drivers and issues of the industry are also covered.  The report will be useful for insurance companies (both Bangladesh and global), other Intermediaries associated with the industry, industry analysts, and students in the field of insurance.

The following steps need to be taken immediately for good governing system in Bangladesh.

Impediments toward Good Governance in Bangladesh. Main issues and problems for ensuring good governance in Bangladesh.

Criteria-wise Picture of Good Governance in Bangladesh.

Meaning of Good Governance. Features of Good Governance. 8 Major Characteristics of Good Governance.

Assignment On Good Governance: Meaning, Barriers and its establishment in our society.

An Assignment on Entrepreneurship Development - Biography of S.M. Sagor, Successful Businessman.

Definition of Backflush Costing. Differences between backflush costing and inventory costing system.