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Mominur Rahman

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Void Contract

Void contract definition, void and illegal contracts distinguished / differences, wagering contract, wager, when a contract become void, agreement opposed to public policy and capacity of parties.

Void Agreement

Void agreement definition, expressly declared void agreement and some discussion on void agreement.

Legality of Object and Consideration

Literally, Unlawful Consideration and Object, Contract in Restraint of Trade – Saving the Sale of Goodwill, Contract in Restraint in Marriage of a Person not Minor, Without Consideration, Agreement by Way of Wager, Contract in Restraint of Legal Proceeding, Impossible Acts.


Definition of Contract, cases and example, requirement of contract, disqualification, competent, kinds of contract, Formal and simple contracts, express contracts and implied contracts, executed contracts and executory contracts, bilateral and unilateral contract, voidable contract, essentials of a valid contract.

Agreement vs Contract

Differences / dispute / deviation between agreement and contract. Agreement vs. contract.

Aggrement and Kinds of Agreement

Definition of agreement, kinds of agreement, difference between void agreement and illegal agreement, unenforceable agreement, valid contract.