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Golam Moula Mondal

This is Md. Golam Moula Mondal. I have completed BBA (Major in Finance and Banking) from Patuakhali Science and Technology University.
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Policy and Programs in Real Estate Financing. Recommendations .

Main issues in expanding the formal housing finance system. Alternative housing finance system - Grameen Bank, Proshika, BRAC, ASA.

Housing Finance: Banking Sector. Outstanding Housing Sector advances by different types of banks. Housing cooperatives and credit unions.

Housing Financing Overview. Sources of housing financing in Bangladesh. Housing Finance Systems in the Developing Countries. Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation (BHBFC), Delta-BRAC Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. (DBH), National Housing Finance and Investment Ltd. (NHFIL), IDLC of Bangladesh, MIDAS Financing Ltd. (MFL).

Financing Real Estate in Bangladesh: Prospects, Problems and Programs. Real estate financing is a relatively new concept in Bangladesh. Main constraint in housing production is the high cost of housing in relation to incomes. The lack of housing finance exacerbates the problem.

Human Resource Strategy, staff requirement, training, appraisal method and financial planning of Car Customization Business.

Manufacturing and Modifying Processes of Kits or External Body Parts of a Customized Car. Phases in product design and development. Quality Assurances.

Company Value Chain Analysis and Operation Plan for Car Customization Business.

Market Overview, Industry Size and Growth, Long Term and Short Term Strategy and Target Market Selection for Car Customization Business

Business Plan on Car Customization. Car customization is gravitating towards having more to do with impressions and status.