August 14, 2007

Mohammad Ali
Managing Director
Power Builders
1/G Riverview Street
Dhaka 1000.

Dear Mr. Ali:

Subject: Sexual Harassment in your office.

How would you react if one of your colleague sent you an email titled ‘team work’ showing a picture of three men in a toilet helping each other urinate or flaunted pictures of female strippers in office? You may laugh it off, but for Sharon Doe, as a female worker; it is not possible to take it easy.

His name is Javed Habib who is trying to harass Sharon Doe every time. He comes to Sharon’s room every day and tells very unwanted jokes related to sex. He also gives her call by hiding his name and send adult sms in her mobile all day long. Now Sharon is going to change her cell number.

This is not the last thing. Last week, Mr. Javed entered Sharon’s room and touched the knees of Sharon. It was very quick and after understanding that event she cried for a long time. Sharon did not report the incident because she feared she would lose her job. She joined in this job in a very urgent situation in her life. It is not so easy to give up her job right now.

Sharon Doe has done an excellent job and she would be a great asset to any company. However these recent incidents move her a little bit away from work. Sharon has lost her concentration. She also lost her trust in the environment of the office. She doesn’t satisfy with the security system of the company. All those events inspiring her to resigned the job.

As a co-worker, these types of behavior are not expectable to us. It has already crossed the limit. It hampers our concentration. We strongly opposed for it. Please keep my complaint in strict confidence and take necessary measures against sexual harassment in our office.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Mr. Ali.


M Fahim Hossain
Executive Officer
Power Builders