How to Make Money Online! Please Read it Full

Probably you get e-mail or message from many one about making money online. They ask you to register for a account or to click their advertisement and they offer money free of cost. But the reality is they try to bluff you in order to advertise their site. In this document I will give a whole procedure of how you can make money online. Please read it carefully and at least read it full.

In the following section I demonstrate what you need to do to make money online step by step.

The first thing you need is an website. It is better if you own it. If not then you can create blog and from there you can start. You can get free blog from Before creating a blog you must have a gmail account. You can gmail account from

After creating a blog the next step is to create an adsense account. I am very generous in this case to set up a link at the lowest left corner of my page. With this adsense account you can place advertisement on your page and based on that advertisement you can earn money. Don't be in a hurry. Slow and steady wins the race. It takes time to active adsense account.

After your adsense account is activated you can place advertisement on your site. Like as you see in my page the advertisement is displayed. In you page they also will be displayed. Anyone enter in your page and click on those link will benefit you to get revenue. But never click your own advertisement. In this case you may be banned from adsense. You can place adsense in in two ways. From adsense home copy html and place it inside your site. Also if you use blogsopt then from customize section you can place ads on to your site.

Don't think about how you can get money. Google is generous enough to send cheque on a monthly basis to your address.

Other considerations:
Google adsense revenue is not so much and hence you may look further to earn money.
One of the more lucrative forms of income is placing specific advertisers Ad's directly onto your site, you don't get paid if they click the ad but you do get paid a commission if they buy a product and this can be very profitable indeed. This is referral ads.

For lucrative forms of income types of ad's you will need to register with sites like ,,,, These sites have most of the major advertisers from all over the world registered with them, they will check your site content to see if your suitable for certain advertisers before letting you go full steam ahead, but all in all so long as you have valid content which isn't harmful to the advertisers then they are usually quite happy to have you on the book's.

One more final thing I recommend you to use google adwords to monetize your website. You have to pay money for that but you can get a greater value against that. I would recommend you spend as much or as little as you can afford. And I also recommend you to use firefox as a browser which is fast and reliable.