DOM-INNO Engineers Ltd.


Date : August 01, 2007

To : All Employees

From : Mr. Faiyaaz Chowdhury
Managing Director

CC : Mr. Sarwar Alam, Chairman
Ms. Jenifaar Ahmed, Vice Chairman

Subject : Move carefully during construction period.

You will be glad to know that the construction of our office modification, modernization and beautification will be started from July 10, 2008. It will take two weeks to complete. You are requested to follow the following instructions during construction period.

o Please use back door. Front door may be risky.

o Please don’t take your lunch in the office room.

o Don’t use lift. It will not safe. Please use stairs to move around.

o You are requested to move carefully when you enter and exit.

o You are requested to share your spaces with colleagues.

Your cooperation in this matter will be much appreciated and will greatly facilitate the work in the office.

Thanks much for your assistance.