University of Bangladesh


Date : August 01, 2007

To : Mr. Abdul Mofiz
Administration & Logistics

Through : Mr. Iqbal Karim
Director, CSE Department.

From : Ms. Hamida Banu
Course Instructor


I have decided to take surprise test and unannounced quiz in my courses. However, there has no photocopier machine in my CSE department. It is not possible to take their quiz with a written question. It costs much time. I can send it to a photocopier shop, but it takes more time and costs me extra charge. In a photocopier shop, the standard of the photocopy also goes down. If there has a photocopier in my department then all the respective faculty and students will be able to get the benefits of this machine. It will help us to do our job in an effective way.

In order to run our department more quickly and smoothly, the photocopy machine should be placed in CSE department as soon as possible.

If you have any question you may contact.

Thanks much for your assistance.