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Internship report of national, private and international companies, banks, leasing companies and other organizations.

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    Internship Report on Analysis of Credit Department of Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL).

    Recommendations for Grameen Bank and Bangladesh.

    Experience of Internship in Grameen Bank -Theoretical Experience and Practical Experience, Problems Encountered, How internship experience impact on my carrier.

    Process and Structure of my Assignment for internship in Grameen Bank, Critical analysis: linking theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

    Why does Grameen Bank focus on women? Main Achievements, Awards and International Recognition of Grameen Bank.

    The impact of microfinance/ micro credit. Breaking the vicious cycle of poverty through microcredit.

    Grameen Family: Grameen Trust, Grameen Fund, Grameen Solutions, Grameen Kalyan, Grameen Telecom.

    Grameen Bank and Micro-credit (Part 10)

    Grameen Bank and Micro-credit. What is Microcredit? A Broad Classification of Micro-credit, Grameen credit, General features of Grameen-credit.

    Grameen Bank Methodology of Action. Method of Actions Principals, 10 Indicators to Evaluate Poverty Level, The 16 Decisions of Grameen Bank.

    Grameen Bank Credit Delivery System. Grameen Classical System (GCS) (Grameen I) and Grameen Generalized System (GSS) (Grameen II).

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