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Different factors affecting the status of women in relation to nursing profession in India and Nepal.

Role of Women in Nursing in India and Nepal.

Discuss how the status of nursing as a profession is affected by the status of women in South Asian society. Factors related to the low status of women have also influenced the nursing profession in South Asia - Particularly in Nepal and India.

New Product Development: A Marketing Approach of Prime Bank Ltd. Managing the Product Development Process.

Health Insurance and Bangladesh. Health Insurance Schemes in Bangladesh and Their Function. Experience of Three Organizations - Pacific Prime Insurance, The Ganasasthya Kendra (GK) Health care system in Savar and The Grameen Health Program

Theory of Health Insurance, Provision of Health Insurance (General Taxation, Earmarked tax, Social Insurance, Community Insurance, Private Insurance), Methods Used to Assess Risk Attitudes.

How Health Insurance Works in Foreign (Premium, Deductible, Copayment, Coinsurance, Exclusions, Coverage limits, Out-of-pocket maximums). Common Features About Private Health Insurance in Foreign.

Purpose and Types of Health Insurance. Group Health Plans, Individual Plans, Government Health Plans, Workers Compensation. Health Care Regulations.

To cope with the potentially high costs of medical care, insurance policies provide some financial protection. This report has attempted to discuss the vital scenario in healthcare and health insurance market in the world and also Bangladesh. A brief about global insurance industry in, Bangladesh insurance industry and health insurance industry overview are discussed. Growth drivers and issues of the industry are also covered.  The report will be useful for insurance companies (both Bangladesh and global), other Intermediaries associated with the industry, industry analysts, and students in the field of insurance.

Case Analysis of Hope-In Food Store, Incorporate. Report on to determine Hope-In Food Store Initial Share Price (IPO).

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