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    List of Scheduled Banks in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank, Nationalized Commercial Banks, Private Commercial Banks, Foreign Banks, Development Banks and Others Banks.

    Development of Banking Sectors in Bangladesh. History of banking in Bangladesh.

    Conclusion of nature and trend of advertisement and sales promotion costs of soap industries in Bangladesh.

    Effect of Advertisement Expenses on Sales, Advertising media, Accounting treatment of selling and distribution overhead and Control of Advertisement Cost.

    Cost structure of the sample soap enterprise, Percentage of advertisement expenses to sales revenue, Nature of advertisement cost, Relationship between advertisement cost to total cost.

    The Advertisement and Sales Promotion Cost- A Study of the Soap Industry in Bangladesh. The soap industrial firms in Bangladesh have also been increasing their promotional expenses i.e. advertisement and sales promotion cost and adopting various modern sales promotion measures.

    Case analysis and findings of cultural aspects regarding choosing market entry strategy.

    Literature Review of Cultural Impact on Choosing Market Entry Strategy.

    This Paper examines the cultural impact on the choice of entry mode strategies and it tries to relate it with the Bangladeshi market context.

    Recommendations for Reneta Limited to take advantage of its strengths and correct any weakness.

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