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    Overall comment and findings of Renata Limited. Analysis of the financial statement of Renata Ltd.

    Ratio Analysis of Renata Limited (Part 5)

    Current ratio, Acid-Test Ratio, Inventory Turnover, Account Receivable Turnover, Return on Assets (ROA), Total Assets Turnover Ratio, Debt to Total Assets Ratio, Debt to Total Equity Ratio, Return on Common Shareholders’ Equity, Net Profit Margin, Earning Per Share, Price-Earnings Ratio, Dividend Yield Ratio, Time Interest Earned Ratio, Dividend per Share and Dividend Payout Ratio.

    Cash flows from operating activities, Cash flows from Investing Activities, Cash Flows from Financing Activities, Net Cash Outflows, Closing cash and cash equivalents and Working Capital of Renata Limited.

    Income Statement and Stockholder Equity Analysis of Renata Limited. Interest Income, Operating expense, Profit after tax, Earning per share and Statement of Changes in Equity of Renata Limited.

    Balance Sheet Analysis of Renata Limited (Part 2)

    Balance Sheet Analysis of Renata Limited. Analysis of Property, Assets, Liabilities and Shareholders equity of Renata Limited.

    Financial Statements Analysis on Renata Limited to find out the financial position of Renata Limited.

    Recommendations to Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd. for Better Working Capital Management.

    Daily cash inflow & outflow statement; ratio analysis: activity ratio, liquidity ratio; cash conversion cycle of Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd for 5 years presented with tables and graphs.

    Current Asset and Current Liabilities of Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd. Working Capital of Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Limited.

    Geographical spread and customers of Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh. Cash collection and disbursement procedure. Electronic method for managing HBCL. Credit policy of Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh.

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