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Bangladesh Study

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    Working Capital Management of Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Limited (HCBL). Introduction and overview of Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd.

    Questionnaire on Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices of Bangladesh.

    Promotion Policies of Orion Infusion Limited. Pay Policies of Orion Infusion Ltd. Findings and Recommendations.

    Job Analysis and Job Evaluation Process of Orion Infusion Limited. Performance Appraisal System of Orion Infusion Ltd.

    Recruiting, Selection and Training Policies of Orion Infusion Limited. Assessment, internal and external recruiting, screening and short-listing applications, written test, interview, reference check, medical check-up, offer letter, orientation, followup and training policies of Orion Infusion Ltd. (OIL).

    Human Resource Management Planning Policies of Orion Infusion Limited.

    Human Resource Management Practices of Bangladesh: A Case Study on Orion Infusion Limited (OIL).

    Organogram of different Banks in Bangladesh

    Private commercial banks are same in product and services or work procedure. How ever they have different type of structure regarding salary and designation of the staffs. Here I tried to make a comparative analysis of the position. But it is on the basis of stapes not equivalency.

    Questionnaire of the relationship and effects of insomnia, emotions and job satisfaction. Have eight sections: Workplace environment, Insomnia, Hostility, Fatigue, Joviality, Attentiveness, Job satisfaction, Competence.

    Relation between competency importance and job satisfaction. Relation between own importance and job satisfaction.

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